Swedish Massage

Aims to aid relaxation and improve your circulation

Is a gentler form of Deep Tissue Massage penetrating the top layer of your connective tissues/muscles and, is probably the most common form of massage. The main goal is to aid relaxation and improve your circulation by using flowing strokes and kneading movements. The treatment incorporates light and deep movements, allowing your mind and body to unwind. Long-term benefits can also include an overall feeling of well-being and increased confidence.

Whenever you exercise or exert yourself heavily, small amounts of swelling occur in the muscle because of tiny tears. Therefore DTM, after the event, will help reduce the swelling, loosen tired, stiff muscles, help maintain flexibility, promote circulation (and thus more oxygen) to the muscle, and help to remove the waste products of energy generation. DTM will help speed up recovery time and alleviate any soreness.

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